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Why do we need this blog?

Who is watching what is going on in the School District?  The Independence School District is probably one of the largest employers in the City and certainly has one of the biggest budgets of any enterprise here.  Decisions made by the School Board and its administrators impact thousands of students and their families as well as influencing property values and livability perceptions throughout the community.

Typically, a local newspaper such as the Examiner or the Star would help keep any decisions transparent and public and, to some extent, assist citizens in holding their elected representatives accountable.  Yet, even to the casual observer, the Independence School District often gets a "pass" in the local media.  The Examiner is basically just another vehicle for the District to publish its press releases.

No one is watching the "hen house" - so to speak.  And when that happens - especially when money is involved - bad things can happen.  (Remember what happened in the Liberty School District?)


  1. I don't know... What happened?

  2. Why are Early Childhood teachers paid so poorly?

    My daughter attends one of the early childhood programs within the district. I was shocked to learn that her teacher is paid quite less than a K-12 teacher. I am confused.
    First, the district requires that the Early Childhood teachers have a bachelor's degree and be certified. Although this is required, they have a separate salary schedule. Here's the comparison:
    A first year teacher in Independence (K-12) is paid $36,000 (this is with an additional stipend of $3,000) with additional days for training. A first year teacher (EE) is paid an hourly wage of $20.41. If she worked eight hour days, five days a week for nine months her salary is $29,390.40. This is a HUGE difference. She does have a smaller class size but this is not a factor in determining pay (if it was, then why do high school teachers get paid the same as an elementary teacher if their experience is the same?).
    I think that this is something that should be brought to light within our community. I know that many teachers and aides don't stay because the pay is not worth the stresses of the job. Some of the lead teachers are paid as much as office personnel at Scale 1. I'm sure a secretary's job can be stressful, but how often does she bring home work?

  3. In a friendly nature....I'm thinking its time for people to wake up!

    its all political posturing!!

    I don't understand how it so difficult for everyone in this city to see what's going on? on the outside everyone can see the school district is the testing ground for what's coming down the line, politically. take a look at the big picture. it's not just independence school district is actually jackson county. every agency is lining up for the healthcare act. no professional wants to work in this district. no professional wants to work with this district. It appears their noncompliance is blatent and intentional because they want parents to call the Fed. do they want the someone to call the Fed because they want the Fed to come in and take over your area? or is it possible that the Fed actually may actually straighten it out? I don't know, but if you look at the grand scheme across the board what's happening politically in our nation, it might start to make some sense? Now apply that same theme to what appears to be going on in the school district in this county. from my understanding the majority of this area is impoverished. it is also my understanding that the teachers are young and inexperienced because useful idiots come in handy. they do not want intelligence here. they do not want you to know what they're doing. what do you think that means? ;) I am truly not trying to be rude. I just really think it's something people need to start considering out here. especially if your property owner. diminishing school districts are normally surrounded by diminishing property values. diminishing property values leads to eminant domain. pretty easy way to get ahold of prime city property don't you think? ;)

    From what I've read on this blog you are not wrong. your observations are in pieces. Which I belive is purposed. Oldest trick in the book - control by confusion. I think we need to look at the whole picture.

    the children are not being taught, they are being warehoused. testing scores are ridiculous.
    Qualified professionals [read: those whom have a conscience] leave
    surrounding districts get children from Independence and they can't read in 4th.
    special education for both gifted and talented to delays are not being serviced properly. countless people report out of compliance issues. these are tax payers and involved parents.
    the district standard operating procedure is to blame the parents and villanize them or the student if parents complain. they then exploit other ignorant parents to follow suit. this works out beautifully because of all of the impoverished and difficult families that do reside here ( renters) can be challenging, but don't be fooled they get truly difficult children out of this district quickly.
    numerous reports of abuse within the school district administration and staff.
    the Transportation Department is a mess some of the workers should not be anywhere near children.
    the district does not want the parents involved. they will take your money though! ;)
    teachers and staff are overstepping bounds with parents.
    several of administration both superintendendants, and staff have been caught blatantly lying. they instruct their teachers to do so as well.
    severely unprofessional administration which is the mockery of most other areas.
    Traditionally, everyone knows this District has always been authoritarian.
    the list can go on and on - documented, evidenced, witnessed and completely ignored, dismissed, and or bullied into complacency.

    hiding something? that's a gross understatement.

    it's truly not difficult to figure out if you've ever visiting a poll place or voting booth in this area.... no shortage of propaganda there... please correct me if you think I'm mistaken, I'd certainly like an explanation as well. ??

    I feel sorry for the children here.

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